The fountain is 26,30 m high (85.28 feet, 118 roman palms), 49,15 large (160.72 feet, 220 roman palms). Every day it spills 80.000 cubic meter of water (2,824,800 cubic feet).

The design of the trevi fountain is based on three architectural elements: a façade made of travertine; statues of carrara marble; a see reef also made of travertine.

In the middle there is the statue of Ocean, 5,8 meters high (16.4 feet high) carved by Pietro Bracci. The body is muscular inclining to fatness. He has long and abundant beard. His look is fiercely majestic and gentleman at the same time In his right hand he hold the wand in act of command. His left hand holds a cloth around his pelvis to cover his nudity.

He his carried on his tryumphal charriot by two horses jockeid by two Tritons. One horse is restless, one is calm. One triton is strong and young, one is older and holds a twisted shell that is using to announce their passage.

Ocean is also standing in the median portion of a tryumphal arch.

In the left part of the arch there is the statue of Abundance holding the horn of plenty. At her feet a toppled vase lies by a source of water. Above her there is a relief showing Agrippa commanding his generals to build the acqueduct.

In the righ portion there is the statue of Health, crowned by a wreth of laurel and holding a cup a snake drinks from. Above her there is a relief showing a Virgin lady indicating to soldiers the source of water. continues...

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Plan of the Poli Palace that backs the fountain

The town of Poli in the Lazio Region